Dune of Pilat

Campsite near dune du Pilat

The ocean, the sea air, the Arcachon basin, but above all the majestic Dune du Pilat! This will be the table proposed by our Campsite near Dune du Pilat ! Stay in our unusual accommodations and rentals to enjoy an idyllic setting every day!

To discover while staying at our campsite near Dune du Pilat

Climb to the top of the highest dune in Europe! Admire a unique panorama over the Bassin d’Arcachon while staying in our Campsite near Dune du Pilat. 106.6 m high, 3 km long… and under your feet, millions and millions of cubic meters of fine sand!

Did you know ? The Dune is always in motion, gradually covering the forest, under the action of the wind and the tides.

Smart tip: access to the Dune is free if you come on foot or by bike. Parking is chargeable. Count 6 € per vehicle for 4 hours. But your parking is a good deed. Indeed, this money serves as a contribution to the preservation of the classified site.

The colors of the Dune du Pilat and the walks are incredible whatever the season of the year! With family, lovers or friends, climb to the top from the installed steps (from Easter to All Saints’ Day) or by the sand for the bravest!

Plan a picnic to fully enjoy your ride

Once at the top of the Dune, breathe and open your eyes wide! From its summit, you will have a unique view of the Banc d’Arguin Nature Reserve, the forest and the Pointe du Cap Ferret. Walk along the Dune beyond the stairs to enjoy the Grand Site in peace. At its foot, the Corniche beach invites you for a refreshing break or a stroll along the water!

Escape for a hike … Discover endemic plants such as the Everlasting Sand, which scents the ambient air.

Your accommodation in a campsite near Dune du Pilat

Our Campsite near Dune du Pilat offers you comfortable accommodation and pitches for your stay in Les Landes to be as close as possible to nature. We also offer unusual rentals such as our famous trailer!